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To mark the highlight of the four years project Green ProcA on green public procurement (GPP), the Conference and GPP Award Ceremony was held at the Climate Alliance Brussels Office yesterday. After the vivid discussion among procurement stakeholders from Eastern Europe about the barriers and solutions of ecological public purchasing, twelve European projects were rewarded due to their outstanding local efforts on green public procurement. Thomas Pensel of the Energieagentur Rheinland-Pfalz honoured the winning organisations and stressed their forerunner role as best practice examples in their subject area: „As a means of innovative procurement all of the winners of the EU GPP Award showed that environmental purchasing plus considerable savings can be achieved at the same time“.

The winners in the three size categories are the following:

Up to 10,000 inhabitants

„Sustainable Salve“
Municipality of Salve, Italy

„Renewable energy and energy saving“
Municipality of Melpignano, Italy

„Energetic Development of the Public Buildings of the City Municipality of Ajak“
City Municipality of Ajak, Hungary

Honourable Mention
„Renovation and reconstruction of heat supply systems and heating systems in ‚Bozhura Furnadzheva‘ kindergarten and nursery“
Bratsigovo Municipality, Bulgaria

10,000 to 100,000 inhabitants

„Construction of a biomass-fired CHP plant as the primary heat source in the heating system of the city of Lębork“
City of Lębork, Poland

„Fully autarchic energy supply of electricity and heat from regenerative energies“
Stadtwerke Weilheim i.OB Kommunalunternehmen, Germany

„LED lamps for the energy-related renovation of the street lighting“
Technische Betriebe Dormagen AöR – Straßen (TBD), Germany

Honourable Mention
„Modernization of public lighting in the Municipality of Prešov using the LED technology“
Mesto Prešov, Slovakia

More than 100,000 inhabitants

„Video interpretation service“
Bundesbeschaffung GmbH (BBG), Vienna, Austria

„GPP in the Covenant of Mayors actions“
Municipality of Turin, Italy

„Network management for the promotion of the A.P.E. project“
Turin Metropolitan City, Italy

Honourable Mention
„Increase energy efficiency in +30 blocks of flats (Group I-VII) Cluj Municipality, Romania“
Development Department and EU Projects, Ciytown Hall Cluj Municipality, Romania

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